Singapore, why not outsource your content marketing to Vietnam? / by Ian Paynton

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Why pay an excessive premium for big content marketing strategy and production?

It’s been a year in the making. And lots of hard work. But amid the charming crumble of Hanoi Vietnam, we have built something fresh and new.

A premium content marketing agency, We Create Content.

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You can see our really fast video showreel here:

So far we’ve been servicing domestic clients in real estate, fashion, hospitality and F&B on:

  • Branding (Identity and Strategy)

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Production (video, Facebook Live words, podcasts, animation, illustration, etc)

  • Content Distribution and Social Media Management

  • Analysis, Analytics and Reporting

We Create Content Services

And now, as a brand or business needing to do content marketing in Singapore, you can...

  • Send your briefs to Vietnam

  • Have your content marketing strategy worked out by a team of content marketers in Hanoi, with content marketing experience in London, Singapore and Hong Kong

  • Get non-location-based content produced (words, infographics, studio photography, video editing, web-coding) from a place where things don’t cost the earth (but we’re not cheap, either - think somewhere just nice)

  • Sit back while our English language social team handles your social media management and content distribution in a city on almost the same time zone

But what about location-based journalism expertise and photo and video shooting?

We Create Content has production partners in Singapore should you need, which means your entire content marketing can be managed out of Hanoi.

Let us help you find cost effective ways to get the content marketing job done - at a premium standard without paying the excessive premium.

Your content marketing journey starts here...